Current Projects

UNTIL THE COW COMES HOME  –  Cold War comedy  –  Junifilm / SkalarFilm – nordmedia fund
WAPO BERLIN  –  crime procedural series episode  –  Saxonia / ARD
JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER  –  animation series  –  youngfilmsMOIN screenplay fund
STUCK ON URANUS  –  science fiction comedy series
QUEENS OF HEARTS   –  romantic comedy series   Tivoli Film
BEYOND THE SHEEN  –  TV dramedy movie –  Polyphon Pictures
THERE GOES THE ‘HOOD  –  sitcom 
LAOTIC CHRISTMAS    festive family comedy
LACING UP THE GENTRY  –  historical emancipation comedy
DEVELOPMENT AID –  romatic comedy about racism

Translator for Ufa and Amazon

For yet another time, Ufa Fiction hired me to translate the scripts from English to German for a romantic dramedy series on behalf of Amazon Studios.
Which series it is can only be revealed at a later date. Just this much: It will be worth tuning in
in 2023 for all those who like to wallow in romantic misadventures of young British adults…

Chief editor for art magazine

On behalf of the Paul Klinger Künstlersozialwerk, I was hired as chief editor for the annual magazine REPORT – a return to my professional roots after quite some time. The non-profit association has been supporting artists from all crafts and trades since 1974. The magazine offers interesting, stimulating, and diverse insights into the existence of artists in Germany in the current turbulent times.
In addition to the organisational and creative work, I also wrote an article on the situation of screenwriters.

You can download the German magazine as a PDF or request a print version from the association.


At TV Movie Festival Baden-Baden

It’s hard to believe: a real film festival?! From November 24 to 27, I’ll be attending the Baden-Baden Television Film Festival again – this year in stereo, color, 3D and 2G+.
After the long time huddling inside, I’m looking forward to good stories, an astute and witty jury, stimulating conversations with colleagues, producers and editors – and whatever else will be possible in these times of the plague.
Who will also travel there: Just contact us beforehand. I’ll be seeing you!