Current Projects

DON’T HAVE A COW, COMRADE  –  Cold War comedy  –  Junifilm / SkalarFilm – nordmedia fund
JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER  –  animation series  –  youngfilmsHamburg screenplay fund
THERE GOES THE ‘HOOD  –  sitcom  –  Actrio Studio
WAPO BERLIN  –  crime procedural series  –  Saxonia / ARD
BEYOND THE SHEEN  –  TV dramedy movie –  Polyphon Pictures
QUEENS OF HEARTS  –  romantic comedy series  –  Tivoli Film / Mona Film
BRANDNER drama series  – Michael Gantenberg Produktion
LAOTIC CHRISTMAS    festive family comedy
LACING UP THE GENTRY  –  historical emancipation comedy
DEVELOPMENT AID –  romatic comedy about racism

Screenplay Fund from Hamburg

The Film Fund Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein has awarded me a grant for creating the series concept and screenplay development of JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER
in their “High End” section. Hamburg-based Youngfilms is producing the animated fantasy action series, for which I’m currently adapting Sabine Städing’s children’s book series – which in turn is a child-friendly spin-off of JOHN SINCLAIR, one of the world’s most successful and long-running series of penny dreadful novellas. I’m looking forward to a collaborative creative process surrounded by ghosts, monsters, mythical creatures, with Johnny and his friends in the Scottish Highlands – while writing in English.


Screenplay Fund from Nordmedia

The Lower Saxony film fund nordmedia has awarded me a screenplay grant for
DON’T HAVE A COW, COMRADE, produced by Junifilm (Hanover) and SkalarFilm (Hamburg). This Cold War comedy set in 1981 is based on a true anecdote from the inner German border, separating the Eastern Bloc from the Western World.

Sitcom collabroation with Actrio

What happens when a pen-pushing book-keeper from a twee Black Forest town must suddenly relocate from the picket-fenced suburbia to an inner city tower block in East Germany? My sitcom THERE GOES THE ‘HOOD finds the humour in culture clash, telling the misadventures and unexpected victories of a stubborn nitpicker who tries to force his square rules and regulations onto this new, diverse environment. This screwball East-West TV comedy series is currently in development with the Leipzig-based production Actrio Studio.

Social PSA for Respect & Diversity

On behalf of the film and media production mmpro I’ve written a concept for the campaign “Open for Diversity – Closed for Exclusion”, in which Hessian companies and NGO initiatives promote diverse integration, respect, tolerance, and equal rights. In the social PSA spot the local rivals of the regional football league, Hessen Kassel and KSV Baunatal, come together for a common bigger goal.