Current Projects

DON’T HAVE A COW, COMRADE  –  Cold War comedy  –  Junifilm / SkalarFilm – nordmedia fund
JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER  –  animation series  –  youngfilmsMOIN screenplay fund
STUCK ON URANUS  –  science fiction sitcom  –  Android Dreams
QUEENS OF HEARTS   –  romantic comedy series   Tivoli Film / Mona Film
WAPO BERLIN  –  crime procedural series  –  Saxonia / ARD
BEYOND THE SHEEN  –  TV dramedy movie –  Polyphon Pictures
THERE GOES THE ‘HOOD  –  sitcom  –  Actrio Studio
LAOTIC CHRISTMAS    festive family comedy
LACING UP THE GENTRY  –  historical emancipation comedy
DEVELOPMENT AID –  romatic comedy about racism

At TV Movie Festival Baden-Baden

It’s hard to believe: a real film festival?! From November 24 to 27, I’ll be attending the Baden-Baden Television Film Festival again – this year in stereo, color, 3D and 2G+.
After the long time huddling inside, I’m looking forward to good stories, an astute and witty jury, stimulating conversations with colleagues, producers and editors – and whatever else will be possible in these times of the plague.
Who will also travel there: Just contact us beforehand. I’ll be seeing you!


The wait is over! Behold the teaser trailer for the #fantasy #action #comedy animated series JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER, which I’ve been writing on since last year.
Produced by youngfilms from Hamburg, directed by the Oscar-nominated Mike Johnson (THE CORPSE BRIDE), supported by the Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein Film Fund.
And now it’s back to waiting!

Screenplay Fund from Hamburg

The Film Fund Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein has awarded me a grant for creating the series concept and screenplay development of JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER
in their “High End” section. Hamburg-based Youngfilms is producing the animated fantasy action series, for which I’m currently adapting Sabine Städing’s children’s book series – which in turn is a child-friendly spin-off of JOHN SINCLAIR, one of the world’s most successful and long-running series of penny dreadful novellas. I’m looking forward to a collaborative creative process surrounded by ghosts, monsters, mythical creatures, with Johnny and his friends in the Scottish Highlands – while writing in English.